10 Characteristics of Great Travellers

Fred Wilson started with 10 Characteristics of Great Companies, which was then followed up by Matt Blumberg with 10 Characteristics of Great Investors. As I’ve spent the last 9 or so months traveling, I though I’d jump on the band-wagon and jot down my thoughts on 10 Characteristics of Great Travelers.

1. Great travellers travel independently. Guided tours are for old people or for those that lack real adventure.

2. Great travellers take their time to absorb the local culture, history, food, people and the general surroundings. They don’t travel with an itinerary filled with extensive travel plans in short periods of time. They slow down and give their senses time to take it all in.

3. Great travellers interact with locals. They play with kids, chat to people from all classes of society and ages. They ask the locals (not the tour agencies) for recommendations on things to do. They listen to what the locals have to say.

4. Great travellers are always willing to learn and have an open mind about different societies, cultures, religious beliefs and ways of living.

5. Great travellers take opportunities and run with them.

6. Great travellers try new foods… even if they know there not going to like it.

7. Great travellers can keep their composure when things go tits up. They keep their cool, smile and slowly get the hell out of the black hole they have found themselves in.

8. Great travellers make sure they can afford health care. If they haven’t got enough cash in the kitty should things go pete tong, they sort out a good health insurance policy.

9. Great travellers know when to shut up. They listen more… and in return they walk away with more insight, knowledge and experience.

10. I’ll leave this one up to you… what do you think makes a great traveller?

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