Attention all digital nomad wannabes

Me working in Bali

Firstly, this post is not for everyone. This post is directed to those that dream about becoming a digital nomad. What’s a digital nomad? I think a digital nomad is someone that has the freedom to be located anyone in the world and has the ability to change location as often as they want.


Over the last 6 months I’ve seen a huge increase in life-style design blogs pop up all over the place. To me, it’s an extension of the make money online niche that exploded a few years back. The premise of all these lifestyle design blogs are that you can quit your job, work from anywhere in the world and live the life exactly as you want to live it. Sounds great doesn’t it?

I have no grudges towards the writers behind these blogs, I think what they are doing is a great thing by capitalizing on this growing niche. They are executing which I always admire. I wish them luck.

It’s the people that read them and dream about this lifestyle I want to address.

I haven’t seen any of these digital nomad bloggers be blunt about exactly what you need to do, so I thought I’d do the deed for those wanting to become a digital nomad in one single post.

Here goes….

The only way you are going to become a digital nomad or live the life-style you want is to stop reading about it, stop dreaming about it and get some serious work done.

Same goes for weight loss. The weight loss industry if worth billions… but we all know that if you want to lose weight one needs to eat less and exercise more. It’s not rocket science.

There is nothing that will teach you more than going in head first and learning from your own actions and mistakes.

To become a digital nomad with the flexibility to move around like I do, you basically have 4 options to chose from:

1. Set up an internet based business
2. Become a school teacher
3. Become an Independent writer
4. Become a consultant

School teachers and writers pay is often poor – so if I was you, I’d rule these out first (Traveling around is so much nicer with a bit of cash to splurge from time to time). If you know something inside out and can get a couple of decent consultancy gigs going, this could provide a very cool lifestyle.

But I want to dig deeper in what I do; I build internet based businesses where the sky is the limit with enough graft and motivation. And the best part of running an internet business is that the revenue is residual income! When I’m out stuffing my cake-hole with great food, I’m earning money while I’m doing it!

If you want to build an internet business so that you can become a so called Digital Nomad (I hate that term), be prepared. It’s not easy as all these digital nomad bloggers make out. Especially if you want to earn more than a school teacher.

If it’s an easy life you are after, school teaching is the way to go.

But if you want more than that… to become a financially independent digital nomad (now that sounds more sexy doesn’t it?), read on…

Your life-style will need to change dramatically, in that work will over-ride near enough everything you do. You need to ask your self whether what you are about to do will bring value to your business. I don’t watch TV – Haven’t done for 5 years. Why? Because it doesn’t bring value.

I listen to Radio that’s only work related. Most of the people I follow on Twitter are in the online space. Most of my friends work online. I try to cut out the noise that will not have a positive impact on my business, and if you want to become successful… I believe you will need to cut out the noise too.

To put it bluntly, your whole life needs to revolve around your work. You need to live it 24 hours a day.

99% of the people that will read this are just lazy bums. Sorry folks… I may sound a bit harsh but it’s the truth. I’ve spent 7 years creating web sites for lazy people – and you should to if you work online.

Nothing would make me happier than to see more people become extra motivated in what they do so they can pursue their dreams.

So there you have it. If you want to become a digital nomad you’d be better of investing your time in building something rather than reading or dreaming about it.

Go on… bugger off and get some mother fucking work done!

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