Burger King Delivery now in Bangkok!

Burger King Delivery now in Bangkok!

KFC, Pizza Hut and McSh1t have all offered home delivery for a few years, but Burger King has only just caught on to the action. Yes, Burger King now deliver in Bangers on 1112

I wonder what I’m having for dinner tonight? :)

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21 thoughts on “Burger King Delivery now in Bangkok!”

  1. burger king delivery sucks!

    I called 1112. After some inquiries about my address, I was informed that my address is not covered by their service area. How come??!! I know burger king along Thonglor which is not more than 2Km away from my apartment.

    I was really craving for their cheeseburger and onion rings!!! It really sucks!!! I will never crave for it again…

    Thanks for the number though :)

    1. because of eyes, i ordered cheeseburger and onion rings, there’s nothing to crave for! won’t order them again.
      thanks to you jerk!

  2. try and get the burger the “WAY YOU WANT IT” in pattaya to your door… what a joke!!! burger king delivery does suck!!

      1. It also covers swensens delivery. As all 3 companies (In thailand) are owned by a company owned by someone called William Hienecke, one of the richest expats in BKK

        1. actually…1112 covers the three yes….and william hienecke is part of the hienecke family which owns sizzlers and just about everything that is farang orientated in bkk…

  3. I live in thailand and i just used this number and it is Pizza Co., Swensens and the BK. It’s run by the same company. the person will ask you what you want and you say Pizza Co., Swensens and the BK.

  4. I want to send my son and American Burger King gift card so he can enjoy lunches there. Does the Bangkok (Asoke and Din Daeng) areas honor an American Burger King Gift Card or coupons?

    1. don’t be ridiculous…nothing outside of asia is honored in asia….would be like bringing a safeway/vons coupon to tesco lotus…c’mon.

    2. That’s a fair question (and not at all ridiculous).
      The fact of the matter is that SiamZach is correct (albeit extremely rude!) in that coupons purchased in the USA would not be honored here in Asia. I suggest depositing some cash into his bank account and telling him that he should use it to purchase Burger King items.

      P.S. Are Safeway/Vons and Tesco Lotus owned by the same company? If not, that was a rather poor example given by SiamZach.

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