Kaze Fresh Sushi Bar on Thonglor, Bangkok


There is not shortage of high-end Sushi restaurants in Bangkok. In fact, I’d go to say there’s probably more Japanese restaurants in Bangkok than there are Thai.

Kaze Fresh, located on Thonglor road, is the new sushi kid on the block in Bangkok. I decided to check it.


It was empty when we arrived, at about 7pm on a Friday, but nether the less we ordered. One thing I did notice, is that the sushi is priced per piece, instead of the standard 2 pieces. And talking of price, the sushi here is expensive (the uni below was 400 per piece, plus taxes and service charge).


Was it good? yes. Fresh? yes. Would I be back? Not in a hurry.

Here’s why; I think the sushi at Isao, located on Sukhemvit soi 31 is just a fresh, beautifully presented yet does not break the bank like Kaze Fresh does.


Where’s your favourite Sushi bar in Bangkok?

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