Kobe beef steak dinner in Kobe, Japan

I have been waiting to try Kobe beef for years, and at last I was going to try it in the most authentic place on earth; Kobe in Japan. The special night started with a bottle of wine in the hotel room while listening to old school hip-hop. A sure way to get me into a good mood.

Kobe beef dinner in Kobe, Japan

As I stepped outside into the cold, a nice warm buzz come over my body from the red wine. I was getting excited. It was time to find the perfect restaurant to sample arguably the best beef in the world. After poking my head into 4 or 5 Kobe beef specialist restaurants, I finally found one that was full of locals, a sure way to know it”s good, no matter where you are in the world.

Kobe beef dinner in Kobe, Japan

I was expecting steak cooked behind the scenes; however most of the Kobe beef restaurants here have Teppanyaki set up, where the chef cooks most of the meal in front of you. After glancing over the simple menu – which consisted of sirloin or tenderloin, either as a set or by its own, I decided to go for the 160gram tenderloin set.

Kobe beef dinner in Kobe, Japan

The set included a few veggies, a croissant (which was labeled as bread on the menu), soup, salad and the star of the show… 160grams of the best beef in the world.

Kobe beef dinner in Kobe, Japan

The chef started by frying up some garlic.

Kobe beef dinner in Kobe, Japan

Kobe beef; 320grams of the stuff! (to be split between me and Matt)

Kobe beef dinner in Kobe, Japan

I ordered my kobe beef very rare (The waitress didn’t understand “blue”) but was lucky it did turn out to be blue. Just lightly seared on an extremely hot surface, with the meat warm on the outer layers and cold in the middle. I couldn’t imagine eating this kind of beef any other way (although, I could have easily eaten it raw).

Kobe beef dinner in Kobe, Japan

How did it taste? Fucking amazing. Unreal. So soft, yet full of flavour. It met my high expectations!

Kobe beef dinner in Kobe, Japan

Kobe beef dinner in Kobe, Japan

Me and the chef!

The set, along with 2 glasses of red wine cost ¥7,500 ($85) which is unbelievable value in my opinion. Defo one of the highlights of the Japan trip so far!

Have you tried Kobe beef before? If so, what did you make of it? If not, are you keen on trying it?

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15 thoughts on “Kobe beef steak dinner in Kobe, Japan”

  1. sounds fucking awesome mate.

    got to kobe today and decided it wasnt for me so went back to osaka for the night

    you anywhere near hiroshima in the next few days im heading there next??

    1. Kobe was the best place Ive seen yet! Beautiful little town.

      Just arrived in Sapporo for the snow festival and some snow boarding. When you going to be in Tokyo? Would love a beer or 6 before I return home.

      1. How is the snow festival other than cold. i should be back on the 14th/15th onwards and a beer or 6 sounds like a plan when will you be in tokyo?

  2. Looks delicious. I agree about the value, I would expect to pay that much for just about any sit down meal in Japan anyway! Love the lights and colors from your recent pics.

    1. Indeed. I just wish steak this good and at this price was available everywhere! Looking back, I should have gone back for breakfast the next day :)

  3. Hi!

    Just came across your blog and wanted to know do you have address of the restaurant featured above? I’m visiting Kobe early next year and wanna try the infamous Kobe steak! It looks pretty damn good!

  4. My husband had a Kobe steak while on R and R from Vietnam in 1967. He never forgot it! Last week we had American Kobe steak delivered and spent 47.00 a steak. It was awesome! To get a 4oz steak from Japan it would cost $1,100.00. A 96oz prime rib would cost $8,000. It would be cheeper to go to Japan for dinner. Lol

  5. Please tell me where you had your KOBE beef Im in japan in kobe and Im leaving soon tell me the name of the restaurant you visited thank you:)

  6. hi carlotta, it is called steakland and is near the hankyu sannoymiya station at kobe, the jr station is 100m away. there are two locations on the main street and its hard to miss out, i dont think reservations are taken, just turn up.

  7. We’re going to Kobe tomorrow and I’m interested in checking this place out. Do you happen to know the name of the place, or the cross street area? Thanks! C

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