Offshore Company Handbook


The ultimate guide to incorporating and banking in Hong Kong and beyond.

Zero tax, ease of opening up a bank account with the world’s leading banks and the ease of claiming offshore status, let alone it’s inexpensive, are some of the reasons why hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs open their company in Hong Kong every year.

I’ve learned a lot since opening my first offshore company and bank account in Hong Kong way back in 2011, and I’m regularly asked how the process and logistics work.

While I enjoy helping fellow entrepreneurs, I found myself repeating the same answers to the same questions, hence is why I decided to write this handbook.

I’ve made sure it covers every major aspect of opening up a company offshore, especially in Hong Kong, covering banking options, company structures, payment processors and who you can trust to help you incorporate and manage your new business entity.

My Offshore Handbook will provide you:

Since publishing this handbook, I’ve helped thousands of entrepreneurs from getting scammed. Search “Hong Kong Company” in Google and you’ll be presented with hundreds, if not thousands, of companies who promise they can help you.

As I learned the hard (and expensive) way, most of these company’s are like lawyers: they earn more money of you when things go wrong.

Late filing your returns as they forgot to mention the due dates? No problem. They’ll be able to help, as long as you pay them and the authorities heaps of additional and unnecessary late fee’s (Yes, this really did happen to me!).

After going through three different so-called “experts”, I know work with a team who’s a pleasure to deal with. They are on top of every single process associated with my two Hong Kong companies, are extremely knowledgeable and are not crazy expensive.

The Offshore Handbook

Published: 2013. Last updated: January, 2017.

If you’ve been thinking about incorporating an offshore company, my short and concise (zero fluff) handbook lists everything you will need to know; taxes, company set-up requirements, bank account options and more.

The handbook contains 9 in-depth offshore company formation chapters written in an intuitive Q&A format for easy reference, covering the most popular offshore jurisdictions: Dubai, Hong Kong, Jersey, Labuan, Malta, Marshall Islands, Panama, Seychelles and Singapore.

Bonus guides:

I update the handbook a few times every year (or when a major change comes into play) and every order comes with future bonus guides I publish for free.

14 Minute In-depth Interview With My Contact in Hong Kong


Included with my handbook is an in-depth interview shot in HD with my contact in Hong Kong (shot on location, in Hong Kong) covering the common questions I’m asked, including:

Exclusive Discount

You will receive full contact details of the team I use in Hong Kong with an exclusive discount worth $155 (this covers the cost of the handbook). They have been in business for 16+ years and are always on top of every single process associated with my two H.K companies, as well as being extremely knowledgeable and affordable.

2016 update: According to the newly announced 2016/17 budget, the Hong Kong government is waiving HK$2,000 off business registration fees for 2016-17, and hence I wanted to confirm this discount is passed onto readers of the handbook (if you decide to use my contact in Hong Kong).

Exclusive Audio Interviews

I’ve been very fortunate to be able to interview some of the world’s leading international and offshore experts.

While I’m not the best interviewer in the world, you’ll see I’ve asked the important questions to make sure each interview is packed with advice you can use to your advantage.

Here are the audio interviews included (I’ve omitted names here due to privacy reasons):

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Make sure you incorporate in the right jurisdiction for you and your business, and make sure you incorporate with someone you can trust – which will save you thousands of dollars (not to mention time and headaches) later on.

Offshore Handbook
Offshore Handbook
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Exclusive Discount (H.K)
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Offshore Handbook Package
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“Our experience with bookkeepers in Hong Kong was very bad until we started using yours.”

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“Thank you so much for recommending the team you use, the entire process was super smooth. From first email to opening a bank account, not a single glitch!!!! Super useful and highly recommended!”

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Any questions?

If you purchase the handbook and find your questions are not answered, please email me personally and I’ll help out in anyway I can.

Please note: I’ve tried to cover everything I learned in this handbook, and as a result I can only respond to those who have purchased.