Supanniga Eating Room – My new Favourite Thai Restaurant in Bangkok


Dare I say it, finding excellent Thai food in Thailand is pretty darn difficult. While most blogs and guide books will praise the street food from the gods above, the quality at the best of times is pretty mediocre.

The problem with street food and hole in the wall shops spread all over Thailand are not the chefs, but the ingredients (and plenty of MSG) used. Competition is fierce, which means the vendors will often use inferior ingredients in order to make a profit.

Case in point. There must be close to a million noodle shops in Thailand. Out of the hundreds I’ve visited, I can count all of the vendors who make their own noodles on one hand. Why? Because it’s expensive and time consuming to make your own noodles. When customers only want a quick fix don’t want to pay the little extra for the quality, vendors are forced to go the easy and cheaper route.

But what happens when you get the same style chefs, who are willing to charge a little more so they can use the freshest ingredients possible? Magic happens, that’s what.

And this is the case for Supanniga Eating Room – a fairly new restaurant to open up on the trendy Thong Lor road in Bangkok.

All of the dishes you’ll see below we’re pure, hearty, fun and fresh. And the good thing is, the prices are excellent value. Supanniga Eating Room is now my new favourite Thai restaurant in Bangkok. I can’t wait to visit again.


Ka lum tod man bla – Fried Chinese cabbage with fish sauce from Trad province. 120฿


Ka praw nue lai – Stir-fried beef slices with Thai basil and chilli. 150฿


Yum Tua Puu – Wing bean salad with prawns, fried shallots and soft boild egg. One of my favourites. 160฿


Moo cha muang – Stewed pork with Thai herbs and cha muang leaves. Divine. 170฿


Bua loi – Pumpkin balls in hot coconut broth and Thai tea panna cotta. Delicious.

A must try.

Supanniga Eating Room
Thong Lor Road. Next to 8 Thonglor building.
02714 7508

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