The Best Of 2008 – My first meme


I’ve never attempted to do a meme before but had this idea and thought I’d give it a go!

The Best Of 2008:

1. One of my most fondest memories of 2008 was:

Visiting London to see friends/family

2. One of the most happiest moments for me in 2008 was:

Partying during the Songkran festival.

3. The best album I downloaded/bought in 2008 was:

T.I – Paper Trail

4. The best book I read in 2008 was:

For business it was “Landing page optimization by Tim Hash” and for a light read that made me laugh a lot it was “Air Babylon

5. The best movie I watched in 2008 was:

The Pianist

6. The most beautiful place I visited in 2008 was:

Khao Yai National Park

7. The best quote I heard/received in 2008 was:

“Make as many mistakes as you can, but never repeat them” – My dad.

8. The best gadget I bought for myself in 2008 was:

I didn’t buy many but I guess it was the IPhone

9. The best web site I came across in 2008 was:


10. The luckiest moment for me in 2008 was:

Passing a breathalyzer test in London

11. A new food/drink I discovered that I really enjoy:

Oysters! Love ’em!

12. The best restaurant I dinned at in 2008:

Eat Me” in Soi Convent, Silom

13. The best bargain I picked up in 2008:

A pair of sunglasses from Tesco for 150b

14. The best blog post I wrote in 2008 was:

Thailand Business Culture

15. A blog I discovered in 2008 which I highly recommend is:

Wine Library TV

16. The best xmas present I received in 2008 was:

A jumper my mum bought me!

17. My 2008 addiction was:

Ice lemon tea!

18. A goal in 2008 that I did not accomplish::

Make a million bucks :)

19. But that’s okay, because I did accomplish:

Lose 10kg!

20. The web site I visited most in 2008:

Google Search and my email client: GMail

Okay guys, so the idea of a meme is that if you want to participate, just copy the questions, complete with your own answers and add them to your blog! Then tag a few bloggers you think would also be interested in taking part. Let me know if you do in the comments, as I would love to read what you have written :)

I’m going to tagg: My Thailand Diary, Tea Stains, Tajim, Jonny, Brit in Bangkok, Daily Penninguin, Chris or Carol and Issan Style

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