Chris Osborne


I am the founder of a remote startup studio that builds companies, which I manage while traveling around the world with my family. I’ve been living out of hotels while building businesses non-stop for 11 years, and have no plans to stop.

I’m passionate about travel, food, freedom, remote working & building products users love to use.

Here’s what I’m currently working on:

The Offshore Handbook
The Offshore Handbook is a great resource that has helped thousands of entrepreneurs incorporate offshore and in particular, in Hong Kong. It’s a must read for anyone that works remotely, like I do.

Founders Grid
Three years in, I still enjoy updating my newsletter that curates the best content covering tech, business, startups and design every day. The newsletter is now read by over 50,000+ readers.

Growth List
In the early days when no one knew of FoundersGrid, we relied heavily on manual outreach. Heck, I don’t Founders Grid would still be around today if we had not been proactive in reaching out to potential sponsors. GrowthList, curated lists of fast-growing tech companies, aims to¬†help other startups with their own manual outreach efforts.