Chris Osborne


I am the founder of a remote startup studio that builds companies, which I manage while traveling around the world with my family. I’ve been living out of hotels while building businesses non-stop for 11 years, and have no plans to stop.

I’m passionate about travel, food, freedom, remote working & building products users love to use.

Here’s what I’m currently working on:

The Offshore Handbook
The Offshore Handbook is a great resource that’s helped thousands of entrepreneurs incorporate offshore and in particular, Hong Kong. It’s a must for anyone that works remotely like I do.

Remote Journal
Remote Journal is my new weekly newsletter sharing my experiences of building companies while on the road. I learn a lot about remote working, cool hotels, restaurants, and bars etc., so want to pass this first hand knowledge on.

Founders Grid
Three years in, I still update the Founders Grid newsletter curating the best reads covering tech, business, startups and design. The newsletter is read by over 10,000 readers every day.

Founders Connect (coming soon!)
Most startups set out to build huge teams with other people’s money, whereby I’ve always had the opposite approuch: build great products and have customers pay for the value, while keeping my team as small as possible. Founders Connect is a new private community I plan to launch in July for likeminded¬†entrepreneurs who wish to do the same.

I’ve gotten to know some great writers while traveling around the world, including some excellent journalists. CoNorth’s aim is simple: to connect great writers and journalists I’ve come to befriend with great startups.

Growth List
Growth List is a by product of a service I launched that didn’t work out. It was a cool product to work on and I’ve now nearly sold the 100 copies I set out to sell.