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Traveling entrepreneur since 2005.

Chris Osborne


Travel, food, location independence, geo arbitrage, personal freedom & business.

Welcome to my personal blog – I’ve been living out of hotels and eating my way around Asia for the past 9 years. I own very few physical items. In fact, the less I own, the happier I become.

Unfortunately I don’t have time to update this blog anymore (it started out as a way to update my folks back home), but I do still continue to cover the topics I covered previously, albeit on different domains now:

Food & Travel

I hand curate a list of the best Asia travel content I come across, along with amazing deals from Airlines and Hotels in the Asia region, at Asia Travl every month. If you enjoy traveling in Asia as much as I do, feel free to check it out (you can always unsubscribe with a single click).


Everything I learn regarding internationalization, I now add into my Offshore Handbook. I update this on a regular basis, and have just started adding concierge tours for those looking to incorporate in Hong Kong. Exciting times.


I work full-time on Founders Grid, whereby myself and a small team update an active blog, publish a weekly newsletter focused on entrepreneurship and startups, work with amazing sponsors and continue to update and improve our two products; Founders Perks and Founders Connect.

I also continue to write, often daily, covering the lessons I am learning building products while traveling.


Feel free to follow me on Twitter or sign up for my newsletter in the sidebar for weekly updates. If you want to follow my food and travel adventures, follow me on Instagram.