[Video] Is Lifestyle Design BS?

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If you have no real responsibilities and want to become “location Independent” here’s what you need to do: Sell your shit, book a flight and understand it’ll either work out or it won’t. It really is as simple as that.

My beef with the lifestyle design niche in general is that everyone is making out there’s a lot more to it then there is. Why? Because they all have a financial incentive to do so. Nearly all lifestyle design bloggers out there sell “lifestyle design” products (e-books and training programs) – if they didn’t dress it up to be difficult, they wouldn’t earn any money!

I like to think the My Egg Noodles readers are a smart bunch. The questions and the comments left here show that. Therefor, I feel I would insult you if I started to publish content that was misleading and/or over hyped.

What do you think of the lifestyle design niche?

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